Zero Drummers Drumming

Every church in America seems to have one thing in common: that elderly lady that, despite her age, gets a lot of things accomplished and does so with a smile. As for my church, it is no different. We have Mrs. Helen, the sweet and spunky go-getter who leads the “Good News Club” at a local elementary school.
Yesterday, Mrs. Helen approached me after church and gave me one of her famous hugs. During that warm embrace she asked me to join her *Good News Club team. Given that Mrs. Helen asked me, I was honored!  So today, I traveled to Colbert Elementary School to serve alongside Mrs. Helen and 13 other senior adults.
At precisely 2:45 this afternoon I thought I had made a mistake. The bell had just released students from their classrooms and the halls were full of havoc. After fighting the flow of traffic (while wearing heels) for the longest eight minutes ever, I saw safety dressed in Christmas attire. There was Mrs. Helen smiling and motioning me into her classroom, or as I saw it, her “safe haven.” Upon entering the classroom I saw fourteen rambunctious fifth graders. They had excitement in their eyes which could be attributed to the impending excitement; today, they were celebrating Christmas with pizza, chocolate chip cookies, miniature Cokes, and a VeggieTales movie.
The party started the minute the play button was pressed. As they eagerly watched VeggieTales, Mrs. Helen, Mrs. Reba, and I passed out the goodies. When the movie ended Mrs. Helen went to the front and discussed the importance of Christmas and having Christ and then introduced a ‘special guest,’ Molly, who was going to share her testimony. Shocked, I went to the front and did my thing. Then it was over. They left the classroom smiling, with a Christmas bag in hand, headed towards their home fronts.
I guess this is where I should say something profound like “all 14 kids were saved” or “it was the best/worst experience ever” but all I can think of is how there are only 12 days until Christmas. Usually this day is exciting because it starts my official countdown. But today, I traded my drumming drummers for 28 people – 14 volunteers, and 14 (out of 94 present) students. All that being said, here’s my drum-less tribute to those senior adults who lead with love but without recognition, to the teachers who offer their classrooms to messy students, to the parents who allow the children to stay, and to the students who are eager to learn more about Christ thanks to their “Favorite Half Grandmas.”
I didn’t miss my drumming drummers today. Not even one bit.

bag of goodies from the festivities

*Good News Club is a volunteer-based discipleship program sponsored by Child Evangelism Fellowship. It’s goal is “to evangelize boys and girls with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and establish (disciple) them in the Word of God and in a local church for Christian living.”


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